Woodrow Wilson Kindergarten Plants Water Efficient Garden

From the Duncan Banner:

One Woodrow Wilson Elementary School kindergarten class is learning to grow herbs and vegetables, as well as their minds.

Charmin Holland’s class is growing herbs, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots and more, using garden boxes connected by a watering system supplied by a rain barrel.

The Garden Anywhere box system they have, uses 70 percent less water than a traditional garden, Holland said.

“I wanted to do gardening with my kids because they didn’t understand how it works,” she said. “We used (this system), because we can’t water outside.”

The city of Duncan is under Stage 5 water rationing, which prohibits outdoor water use, because of the drought affecting southwest Oklahoma.

Holland said her class started the project in March and they’ve already harvested a tomato. The project was made possible by a grant from the Aequalis Study Club for less than $400.

She said she’s using the project to teach her students about how plants grow and receive the nutrients necessary for their survival through their roots. The project is being applied to reading, math and science.

The class also discussed the difference between plants that grow underground and plants that grow above ground.

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