Welcome to Our New Gardening Friends

Welcome to our new gardening friends. Garden Anywhere Box is committed to helping you discover an easier way of gardening. No weeding. Automatic watering. Portable.
A lot of you that have been here a while and know our story, but I’ll share a bit here for our new GAB fans. I am a former brown-thumb in the garden. Every year, I would have high hopes that THIS would be the year of gardening success…and every year, my garden would be dead by July. Too weedy, could not get the watering right and in July, it was too hot for me to care.
Larry is really the green thumb in the family, but he traveled a lot for work. That left me to try to keep the garden alive…lol. We’d tried almost every way to garden with very little success. I’d heard about Earthbox, a self-watering container garden that didn’t require weeding. I was intrigued. I ordered a box. The first summer, I got tomatoes and didn’t have to weed. I was hooked.
I got a few more boxes and then Larry decided to try to build his own. In a couple of years, I had almost thirty boxes on my back deck. Yay! and Yikes! I didn’t realize that as my garden was expanding, so was my work load. Gardening became easy in these self-watering containers, but watering the self-watering containers was a real chore. I asked Larry, who was working out of town at the time, if he could come up with an easier way to water all of these boxes besides dragging the hose around to each box. He pondered on it, tried a couple of things and then finally hit on a solution…an automatic watering system…and Garden Anywhere Box was born. <3
Now, instead of having to water each box individually, our boxes water themselves automatically. Each box is connected by tubing…like boxcars. The watering system is the conduit between the water source and the boxes. As water is needed, it will flow from the water source (rain barrel or garden hose), through the watering system and into all of the boxes. It will shut off when all of the boxes are full. No electricity. Gravity-fed. Not hydroponics. Just potting mix. GAB is truly an easier way to garden.
To learn more about GAB,to see more pictures and to order your own Starter Kit, please look around our website. Thank you for being here. I’m glad that we can take this gardening journey together. 

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