Use Potting Mix. Read the Instructions. Watch the Video.

Short Version: 1. Use Potting Mix. 2. Read the Instructions. 3. Watch the video on Facebook.

Longer Version:
Garden Anywhere Box (GAB) Instructions

Follow these instructions step by step and you should have great gardening success.

Step 1 installing the Garden Anywhere Box hardware:

You received a plastic bag called a Grow Pack with your boxes. This includes everything that you need to get your GABs ready to plant except the potting mix and plants. In the plastic bag you have the hardware (6 black hose barbs, 3 1ft. pieces of black tubing and 1 end cap-short black hose with a binder clip or zip tie), 3 fertilizer (small bag), 3 dolomite (larger bag), plastic and 12 screws to secure the ring.  The hose barb assembly is comprised of a black hose barb: barbs on one end and threads on the other, a thin red fiber washer, a red rubber garden hose washer and a black plastic nut.

Take apart the hose barb assembly by unscrewing the hose barb from the black plastic nut. Take off the red rubber washer. With the thin red washer on the hose barb, insert the threaded end from the outside of the box into the hole at the end of the box.

Put the rubber washer over the threads on the inside of the box.  Push it all the way onto the threads to where it touches the box.

Thread the black nut onto the threads and hand-tighten the nut.  Using a pair of pliers, tighten the hose barb while holding the black nut with you hand or pliers. Repeat on the other end of the box. Check for leakage by adding some water to your box before you fill it with potting mix. Once you see that the hose barb is secure, go on to the next step of assembling the platform.
Step 2 Assembling the Platform Support…see page 3 pictures.

Step 3 Filling the Garden Anywhere Box:  After assembling and installing the platform support, it is time to fill your Garden Anywhere Box with potting mix. Get a 2 cubic ft. bag of potting mix for each box. We do not use soil. It compacts and does not allow for the wicking action to take place like potting mix. If you want to follow along with a video, copy this link and you will find a video showing how to fill your GAB.

Place the dark, holed platform into the box on top of the white platform support with the curved edge upward and the medium sized hole on the same side as the overflow hole on the front of the box.  Put the white PVC pipe in the medium-sized watering tube hole.  The end of the pipe with slots goes into the hole allowing water to be dispersed into the water reservoir in the bottom of the box.

Start to put potting mix into the box.  Pack potting mix tight into the wicking chambers (the big holes).  It is important to pack the potting mix in to assure the wicking action. Continue to fill the box up to about 2 inches from the top, packing and watering the potting mix every couple of inches. In your Grow Pack, you have two bags. One is dolomite (white powder) and one is fertilizer (pellets). When your potting mix is about 2 inches from the top, add the bag of dolomite.  Spread dolomite evenly over the potting mix.  Slightly mix the dolomite into the potting mix.

Continue adding potting mix and water until the box is completely full, all the way to the top creating a crown down the length of the box. Take the smaller bag that contains fertilizer and apply it down this crown/ridge that has been created.

Take the black plastic and cover the box.  At this point you will need to measure and cut a small slit in the plastic, big enough to fit over the watering tube, but not too loose.

Take the lid “ring” and snap it into place while stretching the black plastic to smooth it. Take the screws provided and fasten the lid to the box with the use a power screw driver or with a little effort you can do it with just a normal Phillips screw driver.  Hold the ring tight while fastening the screws.  You can now connect your boxes together with the black tubing. Put the supplied end cap tube with the binder clip/zip tie on the last box. This stops the water from flowing out. When you add more boxes to your garden, remove the end cap and place it on the last box.

Planting in the Garden Anywhere Box: Wherever you want to place your plant or seed, cut an “X” about the size of the “root ball” or a little bit bigger than the seed.  With your fingers, open the plastic and push the potting mix to the side.  Put the plant/seed in the hole you created with your fingers.

Note: Do not plant down the middle of the box where the fertilizer is located. Plant on either side.
For planting suggestions, see our Planting Guide at

When planting seeds, follow the directions on the seed packet.  Note: We suggest that you do not plant tomato or pepper seeds directly into the boxes. It is best to start them indoors and transplant to the boxes when they are bigger…or buy plants at your favorite nursery.

Now it is time to fill your boxes with water. Note: Your boxes must be on a level surface for the (patent-pending) watering system to function properly.

Fill up each box with water using the garden hose through the white watering tube.  Fill the box until you see water coming out of the overflow hole on the side of your box. Filling with water through the tube the first time is faster. Once your boxes are filled and hooked up to the watering system, the watering system will take care of the watering. Attach the watering system to an outdoor faucet or rain barrel.

Set your hose to a trickle if you are connected to your outside faucet. This will allow the water to flow when needed. If you are using a rain barrel, you can leave the faucet wide open.

Once your box is planted, water each plant/seed from the top.  Water each plant/seed really well the first few times.  After the initial watering from the top for a couple of days, the wicking action should be working and plants will receive water from the reservoir through capillary action.

Planting for the next season: Buy a bag of fertilizer (10-10-10, but no higher than 15) and dolomite. Buy a roll of black plastic or use a black trash bag. To redress the box:  Pull up dead plants. Remove ring from box and plastic. Scrape off old fertilizer strip. Add 2 c. dolomite.  If needed, add potting mix to fill the box and make a crown on top. Add 1 c. fertilizer. Replace and secure plastic. You are ready to garden again.

Preparing your boxes for winter…if you are going to leave your boxes outside… pull off the tubing and drain the water.  That’s it. You may store your boxes inside in winter, if you wish. When you are ready to plant again, refer to the “redress” instructions.

If you would like to add nutrients to your boxes, you may add liquid through the watering tube or around the plants. We recommend fish emulsion, compost tea or other amendments that you might choose to use. You should not need additional nutrients because we include fertilizer and dolomite with each box, but if you feel that your plants need something extra, feel free to experiment.

If you have additional questions about setting up or planting your boxes, you can contact us on our website or by phone at 405-818-2599
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