These Boxes Don’t Work!

We love to hear success stories about Garden Anywhere Box, but we also want to know if something is not working for you. We know that the boxes work and we want you to have success in the garden.

Sometimes a customer will say, “these boxes don’t work.” When that happens, we have a checklist in our minds and start asking questions to get to the root of the problem.

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This sounds obvious. We don’t ask to embarrass anyone, but you’d be surprised at how many people who have had trouble with their boxes don’t read the instructions.

There aren’t many rules to follow to set up your Garden Anywhere Box system, but there are a few. It is important to read and follow the instructions to achieve gardening success. We list a step-by-step process in setting up GAB, but if you are still not sure about what to do, you can call or message.

We are happy to walk you through setting up your boxes. We also have a video showing how to fill your boxes for planting.

To some people, potting mix and potting soil are the same thing, but there is a difference. Potting mix is lighter and is needed to wick up the water from the water reservoir. Soil is denser and will not properly wick up the water. Be sure and use POTTING MIX in your Garden Anywhere Box.

Soil is a four letter word in the world of Garden Anywhere Box.

Sometimes people choose not to add the plastic to the top of the box. They don’t see a need.

The plastic is important.

It keeps the weeds out, but it also keeps the moisture in. As water wicks up from the bottom, it condensates on the bottom of the plastic. The water droplets take the fertilizer back down to the roots.

If you don’t use the plastic, you will probably still be able to grow things, but it will not be as efficient as using the plastic as it was intended. You will lose more water to evaporation and will need to water from the top to insure that the surface does not dry out.

Note: Sometimes, in the winter, in the greenhouse, I do not use plastic on some of the boxes. Water evaporation and weeds are not a concern. Leaving off the plastic makes it easier to broadcast tiny seeds. You will still need to check the potting mix and water from the top occasionally.

Even though it says not to plant over the fertilizer strip that runs down the middle of the box, sometimes people forget…or did not read that part in the instructions. If you plant over the fertilizer strip, your plants will die. We give you enough fertilizer for a seasons worth of growth. That is too much fertilizer all at once for your plants.

We have heard from a few people that the watering system didn’t work. When delving deeper, we discover that they truly did not understand how the watering system works.

The watering system needs to be connected to a water source like a rain barrel, hose or outdoor faucet. Some people have used the watering system AS the water source. They fill the small box daily. That defeats the purpose of an automatic watering system and also does not supply enough water to the boxes. You’d have to fill the watering system several times a day in the summer to have enough water for all of your plants. That is just not how Garden Anywhere Box is designed to work.

Our watering system is what makes Garden Anywhere Box unique and different from any other container garden on the market. It is important to understand this step of the process. It is not hard at all to connect the watering system to a water source. Once you get your GAB system set up, gardening will be a breeze.

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