If you’ve been a GAB Fan for any time at all, you know that I love Autumn Beauty sunflowers. I post a daily sunflower picture on my Garden Anywhere Box facebook page called, “Here Comes the Sun.”Sometimes it is what is in bloom that day and other times it is a random picture of a sunflower from the past few years.

Autumn Beauty is not a particular kind of sunflower. It is a packet of assorted sunflower seeds. You plant them and wait to see what kinds of sunflowers you will get. The ones that are open right now are a deep, rich yellow with red streaks and a big brown head in the middle. Some sunflowers have been red. Others have been a bright yellow or a subdued yellow. Bees love sunflowers and can be found right in the middle of one helping to fluff out the head. These sunflowers do not produce seeds like the big Titan or Mammoth sunflowers. They are a cut and come again variety. They produce multiple flowers with 12-16 blooms per stalk.

Autumn Beauty sunflowers are like a box of chocolates…less fattening…and you never know what you’re going to get. But, you know that you will get something good. 🙂

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