Setting Up Garden Anywhere Box in Six Easy Steps

Get Ready To Garden!

This is how your Garden Anywhere Box should look after the hardware is installed.

Place the platform into the box with the watering tube on the same side as the drainage hole. The two large “wicking chamber” holes will be on the opposite side of the drain hole. Press down to secure. It is okay if there are a few gaps around the edges. The potting mix will hold the platform in place.

Put the watering tube (white PVC pipe) in the watering tube hole. The end of the pipe with the cuts goes into the hole. This allows water to be dispersed into the water reservoir in the bottom of the box.

Time for the potting mix.You will need a 2.2 cubic feet bag for each box. Pack the potting mix into the holes, then continue to add more potting mix, packing and watering a bit as you go. Do not water at the very top, though. Fill it to two inches from the top.

Take your bag of dolomite and mix it into the potting mix.

Add enough potting mix to fill the box adding a bit extra to make a slight crown lengthwise exceeding the top of the box. Take your fertilizer and pour a line down the middle of the crown of potting mix.

Take your plastic covering, fold it in half and line it up with the watering tube. Cut a small slit in the plastic to fit over the watering tube. Place the plastic over the watering tube and smooth the plastic over the top of the box. Secure the lid to the box. Insert a hose into the watering tube, making sure that the tubes at the bottom of the box are clamped off if a single box or at the end of a row of boxes. Fill the box until water comes out the overflow signaling that your box is full.

Now you are ready to plant your garden.

Each growing season you will have to repeat the process of removing the dead plants and adding a little bit of new potting mix to replace what was removed by the roots of the plants. Add new dolomite, fertilizer and plastic and again…you are ready to plant your garden.

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