Regrow Celery in a Garden Anywhere Box!

I saw a post on Pinterest a while back about veggies that you can regrow in your kitchen.

I’ve tried to regrow carrots and the occasional avocado seed, but I got bored. I never had much luck, until…I tried celery. I really like regrowing celery. I make my own chicken broth and use carrots, celery and onions.

I save the last 4 inches or so of the stalk of celery and put it in water.

In just a couple of days, I have celery regrowth.

I let it get a little bigger, changing the water daily, and then stick it in a Garden Anywhere box.

Year Round Celery

Year Round Celery

The picture is one of some celery that has been outside in an older Garden Anywhere box. This is my cut and come again celery. That is the beauty of regrowing some veggies. You just cut off what you need to season your meal and the plant continues to grow. Truly a year round harvest right at your fingertips.

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