Ready, Set…PLANT!

Once you are ready to plant, it is up to you and the season to determine what you want to plant. We have a suggested planting guide on our website. These are just suggestions. Feel free to experiment with your Garden Anywhere Box.

It is tempting to over-plant your box. We have done that. Sometimes it works great and other times, it’s too much. We have found that two tomato plants to a box is plenty plus an herb or two in the front of the box.

You could also plant a tomato, pepper, cilantro and a few onions for a salsa garden. We recommend getting our 3 box Starter Kit which comes with three boxes and our exclusive watering system. Once you realize that you can be a successful gardener, one box is never enough!

Seeds or plants work just fine, but some small seeds like tomatoes, should be started indoors to allow them to get a bit bigger and hardier before putting them outside to grow.

When buying plants…or seeds…look for the best quality. Your Garden Anywhere Box is designed to work. You should be successful, but part of that depends on the quality of your seeds or plants. We’ve had great luck with Bonnie plants and Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

Once your box is planted, be sure to water from the top for a few days to allow time for the water to wick up from below. It should not take long, but to be on the safe side, check your plants from the top.

When you see that they are getting water, you should be fine. Just remember to check the water level by filling the white watering tube. When the reservoir is full, water will come out the drain hole on the side.

If you do not have an Automatic Watering System and the weather is cool, your plants won’t need as much water. You should only have to water every few days. If it is hot and you have big, thirsty plants, you will need to check your boxes daily.

If you have our Garden Anywhere Box watering system, you won’t have to worry about watering again.

wateringsystem copy

One of the great things about Garden Anywhere Box, besides the “no weeding” part, is water conservation. Garden Anywhere Box uses up to 70% less water than a traditional garden. The plastic not only keeps the weeds out, it keeps the moisture in.

The plants take just the amount of water that they need through their roots. No more over-watering from the top. No more watering the weeds because there aren’t any. Garden Anywhere Box is perfect for places who are suffering from drought conditions, but it’s just a good idea to conserve water anyway. Why water what you don’t want watered?

Getting a Garden Anywhere Box is the first step to becoming a successful gardener. The next step is to educate yourself.

  • Read our blog regularly.
  • Learn about companion planting.
  • Learn about when to plant what.
  • Learn about bees and how to attract them to your garden. If you do not see bees, your plants will not be pollinated. Learn about Mason bees and how to attract them to your garden.
  • Learn about pest control. Yes, there will always be bugs in the garden, but you can learn what to plant together or what sprays work to deter the bugs.
  • Pour over seed catalogs in the winter and dream about spring.
  • Follow GAB on FB to get the latest recipes, gardening tips and harvest pics. 

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