Pretty Boxes

FAQ: Can You Make the Boxes Prettier?

Answer: We’re Working on It.

When Larry started making boxes for our garden, he bought blue rigid plastic boxes. This was what he could find at Target. When we first started, we never dreamed that we’d have a business called “Garden Anywhere Box.”

We just wanted an easier way to garden. After inventing our automatic watering system, Garden Anywhere Box was born and we set out to find the best boxes that we could get. That proved to be harder than we thought. Until we can afford to get our boxes manufactured, we are at the mercy of the marketplace. We started with our “old blue” and have evolved to a darker blue and now to a gray Rubbermaid box.

We get the best quality roughneck plastic, modify the boxes and turn them into “gardening machines.” When we are able, we will offer GAB in a variety of colors. Until then, if the appearance is not appealing, you can always get a fence.

This of our GAB garden in 2014. We’d already been using those boxes for a few years. These boxes are going on nine years old and we are still using them.

cropped pool deck 2.5

Garden in 2014

We have quite a few of this garden scattered across the country. This box and a black box were our first year boxes. The company changed boxes and we were unable to get the stronger quality boxes that we wanted, so we went in search of a new box. Our watering system evolved over time, too, depending on what we could find.

deborah's garden 2

Deborah’s Garden: One Of Many All Over the Country

The third picture is our gray box and is what we sell now. We wish our boxes could be prettier, too, but for now we are happy that they grow veggies!

jeanie's garden 6

Current Garden Anywhere Box System

One of our customers, painted her boxes brown to blend in to her landscape.

This picture is on a fence that Larry made out of cedar shingles when he put in a garden for a lady in Midland. TX a few years ago. You can use your imagination and decorate or camoflauge your boxes any way you wish.

GAB with fence

Pretty Boxes

We have a carpenter friend who makes fences. He made a cedar fence to put in front of the boxes. He can make any kind or style of fence that you desire. All you have to do is tell him what you want.

Landscape show

Cedar Fences For the Garden Anywhere Box

We know that Garden Anywhere Box could be prettier. We wish that, too. In the meantime, they work.

They grow amazing vegetables!

We have a design ready to go once we can get the funding to make the mold. We will have classical standard colors for Garden Anywhere Box, but will also offer seasonal colors, school colors and whimsical colors. The sky is the limit.

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