Our Story

It all started trying to find an easier way to garden.


We started gardening in boxes nearly a decade ago. Each year we'd add a few more boxes and expand our garden.

When we had over 20 boxes, I asked Larry if there was an easier way to water the garden. He was out of town a lot for work and I was dragging a hose around daily to water.

He started to think about the problem and over a couple of summers through trial and error, came up with a solution. This is how our watering system and Garden Anywhere Box were born. Our watering system is what makes us unique and different from other container gardens.
We did not plan on starting a business at 50+ years old. We just wanted an easier way to garden. Once we had the watering system, we thought that others might like this way of gardening, too.

From our humble beginnings with our neighbors to Garden Shows, Expos and Fairs, and now branching out to friends across the nation, we do this because we believe that those who thought they couldn't garden due to health problems, drought conditions, or any other reason can continue to enjoy the therapeutic and health benefits of having a beautiful garden at their fingertips with no worry, no weeding, and no problems

Today, we travel all over the country showing people that a garden can be easy, economical, effortless, and rewarding with the Garden Anywhere Box!

Explaining The Magic Behind Garden Anywhere Boxes