Gardening in the Winter

I am grateful for a little greenhouse to putter around in this winter.

I am even more grateful for our watering system.

We have a 15 gallon barrel connected to our watering system and 16 Garden Anywhere Boxes that we are wintering over.

We have been filling the barrel daily recently as the sun has been out and is warming the inside of the greenhouse.


I’m so glad that that our garden is watered automatically even in the winter!

Garden Anywhere Box is partnering with a greenhouse manufacturer in Edmond, OK.

Phocas Farms makes commercial greenhouses, but wants to provide smaller greenhouses for the backyard gardener.

Our products are a perfect fit.


Phocas Farms Hoop Houses

Because Garden Anywhere Box is portable, you can move your garden inside and garden year ’round. A greenhouse makes it easy to house several boxes for a winter garden.

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