Flood, Hail, Drought or Freeze…Gardening in GAB is a Breeze!


These are four of our GABs that we moved out from the greenhouse to the back deck. I love GAB for so many reasons, but one is that no matter the weather, GAB comes through.

Flood:When we gardened in the ground years ago, it was not unusual for a big rain to come through and wash out all of our hard work. That does not happen with GAB. The plastic on the top of the box keeps the weeds out, but it also keeps excess moisture out. Your garden will not wash away with a heavy rain.

Hail: If you get a hail storm, you can cover your GABs with some bendable pvc pipe and a trash bag making a “trash bag” greenhouse to protect your plants.

Drought: When Larry worked in Midland. TX a couple of summers ago, the town was in a drought. Temps averaged 115 degrees. Water was being rationed. Only two hours a day on Sundays. Gardens were not being grown. Lawns were not being watered.

Larry was staying with someone in Midland. He showed him how to have a GAB garden using a rain barrel and the grey water from his allotted water ration. The man could fill his rain barrel and water his plants all week. He was able to have a garden.

Freeze: During the spring, in some states, you never know when temps will dip down to freezing for a night or two. Because GAB is portable, if a freeze is predicted, you can move your garden in side for the night to protect it from a dip in the temperature.

Also, because GAB is portable, you can move your garden inside a sun room, garage or greenhouse during the winter and garden year ’round.

There are many reasons to love GAB. Versatility is just one of them.

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