Companion Planting

Fellow gardeners,

If you do not know about or use companion planting in your garden, I urge you to experiment this gardening season.

Here is a guide from Mother Earth showing suggestions on what plants complement each other and what does not.

I usually plant about 20 corn kernels in my boxes. Usually… the corn does fine. Last year, I planted four different kinds of corn. I did not harvest much at all. I was plagued with raccoons. They knew…exactly…when it was time to harvest the corn and beat me to it every time.

This year, I am going to employ companion planting with my corn. I will plant only half of a box with corn. The other half I will plant cucumbers and squash. I will use a modified The Three Sisters Garden concept.  I will plant four corn seeds on one side of the fertilizer strip and four seeds on the other side. After these sprout and are about 5 inches tall, I will plant a couple of squash or cucumber seeds around my corn in the corners of the GAB. Hopefully, this will slow down the raccoons. We’ll see……/a-three-sisters-garden.h…


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