Celery in a Box!

Larry planted Utah Tall celery from seed last January 2015. He transplanted it into a GAB…probably over-planted, but it worked. We took our box of celery to our audition for Shark Tank in April, to farmers markets, expos and the fair all last year.

celery shark tank

We let people sample it. It was amazing, btw…”tastes just like celery…lol”. It had flavor and tasted salty. So cool.

After the fair, it was a little sparse from all of the sampling, but it bounced back after a little rest. In October is was bushy again and we again had it at the farmers market for people to sample.

In January, we decided to transplant it to another box. It really needed to be divided. Our poor celery was quite shocked to have to move to another home. I was worried that it might not make it. I cut it back basically to the root and waited.


This shows our celery a month later. It bounced back nicely. It’s dark green, bushy and growing just fine. Lane and Caroline took it to the farmers market last Saturday.

This has been a fun thing to grow. It was our first time. Who knew that it would still be going strong a year later?

I’ve tried to “regrow” celery that I got at the store. I put it in water. I got a little sprout, but the celery end turned slimy…yuck. I also tried putting it in a GAB. Again, a little sprout, but not much success regrowing celery from the store. If you want to try anyway, I would suggest organic celery. That may work a little better.


I recommend growing your own celery in a GAB. It’s easy. People have told us that you can’t grow celery in Oklahoma, but we did…in a Garden Anywhere Box.

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