Garden Hacks and Tips


By Gabbie / November 5, 2016

If you’ve been a GAB Fan for any time at all, you know that I love Autumn Beauty sunflowers. I post a daily sunflower picture on my Garden Anywhere Box facebook page called, “Here Comes the Sun.”Sometimes it is what is in bloom that day and other times it is a random picture of a…

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Ready, Set…PLANT!

By Gabbie / April 2, 2016

Once you are ready to plant, it is up to you and the season to determine what you want to plant. We have a suggested planting guide on our website. These are just suggestions. Feel free to experiment with your Garden Anywhere Box. It is tempting to over-plant your box. We have done that. Sometimes…

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Celery in a Box!

By Gabbie / February 17, 2016

Larry planted Utah Tall celery from seed last January 2015. He transplanted it into a GAB…probably over-planted, but it worked. We took our box of celery to our audition for Shark Tank in April, to farmers markets, expos and the fair all last year. We let people sample it. It was amazing, btw…”tastes just like…

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Gardening The Rainbow: The Color Purple, Eggplant Bacon and Purple Okra!

By Gabbie / February 3, 2016

Color me happy! Harvesting a Cosmic Purple Carrot from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds is a beautiful way to start a morning. I discovered an actual carrot had formed and not the just carrot thinnings that I’ve been doing for a couple of weeks. I could have let it get bigger, but I was too excited. My…

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Gardening in the Winter

By Gabbie / January 31, 2016

I am grateful for a little greenhouse to putter around in this winter. I am even more grateful for our watering system. We have a 15 gallon barrel connected to our watering system and 16 Garden Anywhere Boxes that we are wintering over. We have been filling the barrel daily recently as the sun has been…

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Using Rain Barrels With Your Watering System

By Gabbie / January 28, 2016

One blue barrel is hooked up to the rain spout which will funnel rain water in. Both barrels are full of water. The barrels are linked together with tubing which is also linked to the Garden Anywhere Boxes. If it is dry for a while and we run out of rain water, the outside faucet…

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Carrots Love Tomatoes

By Gabbie / January 25, 2016

It should come a no shock that tomatoes have natural allies in the plant world. These allies help protect the tomato from pests and predators, leave nutrients in the soil that help the plants and fruit to grow, improve flavor, and in turn benefit from the tomato plant properties. Friends of the Tomato As a…

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“Chicken Greenhouses”

By Gabbie / January 15, 2016

Here are a few pictures from last year in the greenhouse: Before we had our attached greenhouse, we just had shelves and shop lights in our laundry room. We  just got metal shelves at Lowe’s and attached regular shop lights by chains to the underside of the shelves. This was great for starting our seeds…

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Regrow Celery in a Garden Anywhere Box!

By Gabbie / November 13, 2015

I saw a post on Pinterest a while back about veggies that you can regrow in your kitchen. I’ve tried to regrow carrots and the occasional avocado seed, but I got bored. I never had much luck, until…I tried celery. I really like regrowing celery. I make my own chicken broth and use carrots, celery…

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Lessons Learned In the Garden

By Gabbie / October 28, 2013

As I reflect back on the summer of 2013, I’d like to share what I’ve learned. One thing I learned this summer is that I really do love to garden. I have not always felt this way. I have tolerated gardening, but I have not loved it. This year I had so much fun taking…

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