Become A Gardening Expert Overnight!

Who Are We?

We started gardening in boxes nearly a decade ago. Each year we’d add a few more boxes and expand our garden.

When we had over 20 boxes, I asked Larry if there was an easier way to water the garden. He was out of town a lot for work and I was dragging a hose around daily to water.

How Does It Work?

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What Other's Are Saying

"This is one of those products that will undoubtedly hit the national and international markets soon. It has ONE flaw..there should be THIS fine print on the instructions… (AND I’M NOT KIDDING): “Be very prepared for success! Your tomatoes are going to be loaded up and you need to stake them and cage them or they may not hold up to their production, cucumbers, squash..all of it is going to do better than what you are used to.. do prepare for this early by caging, staking etc… unbelievable. You should stop by our shop and see ours!"

Julie S. - Big Buzzard Trading Company

"I was recently visiting my Dad and saw his new GAB boxes. I thought the GAB would simplify gardening by reducing the time needed to water and weed. They do that, but what amazed me was the increased speed the plants grow in the GAB. In two weeks I watched the plants in the GABs grow as much as they would in 4 – 6 weeks in a traditional garden!! Looking forward to getting some GABs of my own in the near future. Great product!!"

Cortne S. - Washington, D.C.

"I have a Garden Anywhere Box and it’s a great way to garden in military base housing. I can grow on my back porch and not worry about fixing my backyard when I move (again)! Thank you for your invention…looking forward to spring!

Christopher S. - United States Air Force

"I will never see gardening the same way! My plants are HUGE compared to what they have been in the past at this stage of growth. I am already harvesting. My husband is COMPLETELY sold on the boxes! We are getting them for our adult children for Christmas this year! Thank you so much!"

Deborah O. - Tennessee

"For the first time in my life, I am able to provide 100% of our vegetable needs out of my own garden. I travel quite a bit and the only reason I was able to successfully grow a garden this year is because of the GAB system. I highly recommend it to my friends. Thank you for your genius creation!

Julie B. - Oklahoma